Take Out Menu

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  • Antipasti (Starters)
  • Carpaccio beef eye fillet carpaccio with rocket, fresh mushrooms parmesan and truffle oil
    Zucchine Fritte deep fried zucchini flowers stuffed with soft cheese
    Calamari fried calamari served with tartare sauce
  • Primi (Pasta)
  • Lasagna home made fresh baked pasta with traditional Bolognese sauce
    Pappardelle beef cheek fresh homemade pappardelle with beef cheek ragu
    Spaghetti Bolognese spaghetti with classic bolognese sauce
    Gnocchi 4 formaggi home made potato gnocchi with four cheeses sauce
    Spaghetti Marinara mix seafood in a spicy napoletana sauce
  • NEW Our Gourmet Pizzas
  • Burratina pizza base, dressed rocket, sliced san daniele prosciutto, fresh burrata mozzarella
    Tirolese mozzarella, taleggio cheese, sautee porcini mushrooms, shaved parmesan, speck, truffle oil and rosemary
    Fiore mozzarella, zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta cheese, anchovies, sundried cherry tomatoes
  • Pizza Tradizionale
  • Margherita buffalo mozzarella, basil, parmesan, ext virg oil
    Prosciutto mozzarella, rocket, sliced prosciutto, parmesan
    Capricciosa mozzarella, ham, artichokes, mushrooms, olives, parmesan and basil
    Diavola mozzarella, mild salami, mushrooms, chilli, parmesan and basil
    Mezzaluna half calzone with ricotta, salami, mozzarella, prosciutto, cherry tomato, parmesan and basil
    Salsiccia e porcini pork sausage, mushrooms, mozzarella porcini, parmesan and basil
    Zucca pumpkin, mozzarella, goats cheese, pine nuts, rocket and parmesan
    Pescatora anchovies, olives, capers, cherry tomatoes, oregan
    Spinaci e gamberi spinach, prawns, cherry tomatoes and chilli
    Funghi mushrooms, gorgonzola, buffalo mozzarella, parmesan and basil
    Ricottina mozzarella, ham, ricotta, parmesan, basil
    PizzaBirra buffalo mozzarella, salami, ricotta, parmesan and basil
    Rustica pork sausage, onion, buffalo mozzarella, parmesan, basil
    Lucifero hot salami, mozzarella, capsicum, onion, parmesan, basil
    Bologna mozzarella, ham, hot salami, Italian sausage, onion
    Parmigiana mozzarella, egplant, sundried cherry tomato, parmesan
    Vegetariana mozzarella, mushrooms, eggplant, spinach, tomato
    Calzone classico ham, mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan and basil
    Rotolo Roll style pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, provola, mushrooms, prosciutto, rocket, parmesan
    Frutti di mare mussels, clams, scallops, calamari, prawns,oregano and chilli
  • Pizza Bianca (no tomato base)
  • Patate mozzarella, rosemary, potato, Italian sausage, truffle oil
    Bresaola mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, bresaola, provola, truffe oil, parmesan and basil
    4 Formaggi four varieties of Italian cheese
    Delizia mozzarella, porcini mushroom, Italian sausage, truffe oil, parmesan, sundried cherry tomatoes and rocket
  • Insalate (Salads)
  • Rucola rocket salad with pear and parmesan with balsamic vinaigrette
    Mista mixed lettuce leaves and radicchio salad in red wine vinaigrette
    Caprese fresh tomatoes, Italian buffalo mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic reduction
  • Dolci (Desserts)
  • Tiramisu Italian-style tiramisu with coffee, savoiardi biscuits and mascarpone
    Pannacotta vanilla pannacotta served with caramel sauce
    Pizza Nutella pizza with nutella, fresh banana and condensed milk